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SVRA Terminal Renovations


New Story Via NBC 29.

Traffic has been steadily growing at the Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport. The demand for flights and more modern amenities has led to a major renovation at the airline terminal there.

Once passengers get through security screening, they move into a pre-flight waiting area that's nearly doubled in size. That is among the features of a terminal renovation and expansion that cost just under $2 million.

The Valley Airport Commercial Terminal dates back to the 1960s and needed upgrades in utilities, ADA compliance, and passenger screening. However, the project also aims to improve the experience for flyers with a new cafe, Wi-Fi and power access and additional restrooms. It required only a minor expansion, but a strategic rebuilding of existing space.

Greg Campbell, the Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport manager said, "In all the public spaces - the main waiting area, the secure hold room - they'll find a lot more open space. We took advantage of the airport's view of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the lobby now faces that direction."

Campbell says the new terminal now has room for expansion, if the valley airport adds a second airline in the near future.

State money picked up 90 percent of the cost. However, a new financial impact study, also by the state, suggests this was money well spent. It says this airport has an economic impact on the valley of $26 million a year.