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The Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport is an AVFUEL fuel supplier and an AVNET Premier FBO. At SHD, our dedication to taking customer service further than expected extends beyond the general flying public. We know that top-of-the-line FBO services are what make good airports great.

That's why AVNET Shenandoah Valley is proud to be an award-winning facility. As a member of the nation's leading supplier of aviation fuels and services, we go the extra mile in providing vital services and an extra personal touch to every pilot that lands with us.

AVTRIP LogoFar from just fuel services, AVNET Shenandoah Valley includes a beautifully appointed conference room, wireless internet, separate passenger and pilot facilities, kitchen and catering services, plush sleeping quarters and relaxation areas, and much more.

 Above all, AVNET Shenandoah Valley offers service that exceeds your expectations for comfort and convenience every time. From the operations staff to the customer service representatives, it's our people that make the difference.